31 March 2009

Video Portugal camp in Euro 2004, dressing room lecture, prayer before inaugural game against Greece! "Geração Scolari" part 2

Part 2 of "Geracao Scolari-" inside the Portugal training camp in the Euro 2004. I liked Figo's motivational speech before kickoff. And Rui Jorge singing in 05:32 while goalkeeper Ricardo is watching.

00:00 Narrator in Portuguese: "Tomorrow the Euro2004 starts."
00:12 Nuno Gomes in a dark blue Portugal polo shirt, laughing looking at the camera. He picked up a copy of A Bola. The headline is "In the name of Portugal."

00:27 Players eating lunch. Figo and Simão serving themselves some pasta from the buffet table.

00:33 Eusebio visiting and hugging Scolari. After lunch, the players getting ready for Scolari's class session. 00:42 Players Deco, Ricardo, Cristiano Ronaldo sticks his tongue out to the camera!

00:53 Class lecture of Scolari to the players. Portuguese subtitles, English translation: Keep in mind this is 1 day before the start of the Euro 2004!

Scolari: "I don't want you to feel the pressure from the people. There is so much you can give, confidence." He points to an electronic board and indicates: "Couto is going to pass, Jorge Andrade is going to pass. The first set-piece will be here. The first one! I want the offside-trap.

What's the command? Simao, Simao, Simao, Simao! You don't think I know? All the players of the Portugal team, all your friends, in any part of Portugal- are with you."

01:39 Paulo Ferreira wearing white tennis shoes, in front of Couto.

Scolari then reads a letter from a supporter: "A few hours before your first game, In the afternoon I'l be there cheering you on. Hugs, Ricardo." Then players are dismissed. They collect their credentials/badges.

Hallway: Ricardo, Ferreira's back to the camera, Nuno Gomes getting on the elevator.

02:16 The camera follows Figo into the elevator and out of the hotel.
Figo referring to the badge: "I don't know where this goes." Figo gets on the team bus. Postiga is watching. Players looking out the window to the fans holding flags.

02:58 Players arrive to the stadium, the dressing room.
Pauleta getting his toe bandaged.Rui Costa chatting with Maniche. Figo with earphones dancing to the music. The jerseys are in each compartment.

03:15 Scolari receives an hour before kickoff the Greece starting lineup. Scolari's lecture in the dressing room with a magnetic soccer pitch on the wall.

This is interesting. We know that Paulo Ferreira paid for his mistake in the inaugural match against Greece in the Euro2004. Right before the game, Scolari emphasized that Ferreira has to be very careful on the side where Charisteas is. Scolari referred to Ferreira as "o Paulo"

Scolari in Portuguese: "Two players need to pressure Charisteas here. "
03:28 Scolari: "Be careful Paulo, if you go forward much through here [pointing at the magnetic soccer pitch on the wall] switch .

Slow motion of Scolari shaking hands of the players in the dressing room putting on their jerseys, Nuno Gomes, Petit, Cristiano Ronaldo. Paulo Ferreira shirtless taking off his necklace. Deco,

03:57 Captain Figo addressing the team in Portuguese, already dressed, before leaving the dressing room (balneario).
Figo: "We are not obligated to win. We are obligated to give everything we can to get a good result. If we play together as a team it's much easier. This is a great opportunity for all of us."

The starting 11 are wearing their red jerseys. The substitutes are wearing a yellow vest.

04:15 Scolari addresses the team again. This time the players are all hugging as in the national anthem.

Scolari is holding the hand of goalkeeper Ricardo. Paulo Ferreira wearing the #2 jersey is next to him.

Scolari says that "The gesture of a hug, os shaking hands, they're gesture of solidarity that has to be conveyed from the inside to the outside. I want to ask you to pray not for a victory but that after the game, no matter what the result is defeat or victory, we continue like this. Doing what Figo asked, not having the obligation to win but showing our will to win."

Then Scolari prays and says the Lord's prayer in Portuguese (Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. ..)

After the defeat against Greece.

05:32 Players with cream-colored polo shirts in a room are in a sing-along.
And Rui Jorge singing while goalkeeper Ricardo is watching. Cristiano Ronaldo and Petit sitting next to each other singing.

06:05 goalkeeper Quim and Tiago laughing. goalkeeper Ricardo, Nuno Valente applauding.

06:17- class lecture after the defeat against Greece. 4 hours before the next Portugal game in the Euro 2004.
Scolari says in Portuguese: "I made some modifications and I chose a team to play. With careful attention, I will explain each of your functions." Pointing to the soccer pitch board on the wall, Scolari names the starting 11.

Scolari saying that in the set-pieces nothing changes. The wall will be made of Miguel, Pauleta, Jorge Andrade and Costinha. "I don't want an unsuccessful pass (passe errado) with 4 minutes or 6 minutes to go. No!"

Ricardo Carvalho, Nuno Gomes, Postiga, Rui Costa, Simao listening.

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