04 March 2009

Video Paulo Ferreira with Bruno Nogueira comedy sketch, June 2, 2006

The first time I saw this video was a few days ago. Nini sent me the youtube link. I think Ferreira looks the same 3 years later. Ferreira laughs throughout the video and the stand-up comic Bruno Nogueira does all the talking.

June 2, 2006- Bruno Nogueira "Foi buscar material à selecção para vender na Praça de Espanha" (Went to look for material in the national team training camp to see at Praça de Espanha)

It begins with Bruno talking to Figo. In the first minute, Bruno walks next to Ferreira.

What's funny is that Bruno Nogueira in a very sneaky way takes Ferreira things as mementos. He doesn't need them. Ferreira keeps on laughing. Would have liked to hear Ferreira say something here.

English translation:
00:53 Bruno Nogueira walking next to Ferreira:
"She didn't ask me for your autograph. What she wanted was one of your nails." Ferreira laughs. "You see, she already has a rib of Rui Costa, every single hair of Nuno Gomes and a tooth of Petit."

01:12 Bruno Nogueira: "Oh, I like you soccer boots" He instantly grabs him out of Ferreira's hands. Seems to get Ferreira off-guard.

01:17 "I also like your shinguards." Again Bruno grabs it out of Ferreira's hands. Ferreira surprised doesn't let go immediately.

01:21 "The water, that too. I'll take that."

01:31: "Paulo, I'm looking here, what else can I take from you. I see you have nothing left."

Screenshots of Paulo Ferreira in the video:

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