04 March 2009

Video Paulo Ferreira press conference May 30, 2006,

May 30, 2006- Video Paulo Ferreira press conference

This was an interesting press conference because they put the 2 players (Miguel and Paulo Ferreira) that compete for the right-back position next to each other.

English translation:

Anchor: Good afternoon, Paulo Ferreira stated today that he's available to be in the starting lineup either to play on the left side or on the right side.

00:11- 00:40 Paulo Ferreira: "I am a right-back but I also have played as a left back in a few games. What is important is to do what the coach tells you to do. I approach the game that way. It's logical that if I get to play, it's even better. If not, I will support the player taking my place."

The rest shows Miguel taking the questions.

Screenshots of Ferreira in the video:

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