04 March 2009

Video Paulo Ferreira leaving for Portugal during the 2006 world cup

June 7, 2006- Video "Regresso a Portugal, Paulo Ferreira vai ser pai" (Return trip to Portugal, Ferreira will be a father)

In the 25th second, you see Ferreira in casual clothes from a distance, in an orange sweater.

English translation:

00:00 News reporter: "Paulo Ferreira will be a father for the first time of a son. This morning, he abandoned the training camp of the Portugal team. He was authorized to leave by coach Scolari.

He left early and tried to hide from the journalists but we caught a glimpse of him. Ferreira had breakfast before 9am. He was dressed in casula clothes and the player was preparing to live the most important day of his life. Scolari already knew his son would be born during the training camp so he had authorization to leave before."

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