04 March 2009

Video Paulo Ferreira pre-game press conference before Portugal v. Holland, 2006 world cup game

A day before Portugal v. Holland in the 2006 world cup, Paulo Ferreira was one of the players in the press conference.

June 22, 2006- "Paulo Ferreira e Hélder Postiga acreditam na vitória" (Ferreira and Postiga believe in a victory)

00:00 News anchor: Ferreira believes that Holland has gained experience in the last 23 years. In this afternoon's press conference in Germany, the player of the selecção das quinas, said that he still belives that Portugal can win next Sunday.

00:18 Paulo Ferreira: "Yes, logically the players have experience, 2 years have passed. In this moment, the competition is different. They will be 2 different games. It's logical, that, with all due respect to Holland, we want to be ahead."

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