31 March 2009

Video Nuno Gomes interview March 31, 2009

Portugal takes so long to score in a game. Luckily Edinho converted a chance in today's Portugal 2- 0 South Africa. It's time for Queiroz to call at least 1 experienced striker for the next qualification match in June against Albania. This time it was Hugo Almeida and Edinho. I expect Queiroz to call up at least 3 strikers for the Albania game, 2 experienced (Nuno Gomes, and Postiga) and 1 new (Queiroz can pick anyone).

Nuno Gomes always gives classy statements when he's dropped from Carlos Queiroz' call-up list. Today Nuno Gomes was asked about being left out.

00:00 Nuno Gomes in a Benfica training session at Seixal.
00:08 Nuno Gomes: "I already expressed myself about it. I will not add anything more."

00:14 reporter: Your agent will meet with Rui Costa--
Nuno Gomes: "I am not going to talk about those negotiations. I said what I had to say. I think it's a closed chapter."

00:26 reporter: Do you want to stay in Benfica?
Nuno Gomes: "Yes, I already said so publicly that I want that."

About Benfica winning the Portuguese league this season--

Nuno Gomes: "Without a doubt, we have to work very hard until the end of the season to achieve our objective. I already said publicly that it's not easy. Nonetheless we'll fight until the last game to be able to be in first place."

(É preciso carburar bastante até final do campeonato para atingirmos os nossos objectivos: que passam por vencer a Liga. Já o dissemos publicamente e sabemos que não é fácil, mas vamos até ao último jogo lutar para poder chegar em primeiro", disse o jogador )

About Benfica striker David Suazo being injured, only 2 strikers are fit. Him and Cardozo.

01:04 Nuno Gomes: "It's an unfortunate injury for Suazo, he's too important for our team- our attacking section. Nonetheless I don't think I'll have more opportunities because he's injured. I'll have the same ones. I'll keep fighting for a place."

About wanting to be called-up for the Portugal team--

01:30 Nuno Gomes: "Obviously, I would have liked to be in the national team. I am not in this moment. I hope to return as soon as possible. These are hard times for the national team. Mathematically it is still possible to qualify. I'm certain that my teammates will fight until the end."

(São tempos difíceis, que se calhar ninguém contava estar a passar, mas, enquanto matematicamente for possível, tenho a certeza que os meus companheiros vão lutar até ao fim para que Portugal possa estar presente )

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