31 March 2009

Video Manuel Da Costa taking free kick in Israel 0-4 Portugal Sub21, 2007

It was fun watching this on TV. 4-0 victory over Israel was nice. This stellar performance didn't survive in the play-off/3rd place game against Italy.

Video Highlights of UEFA Under21 tournament in 2007, Israel 0-4 Portugal. There are 2 defenses by Portugal goalkeeper Ribeiro.

01:11 34' Manuel Da Costa taking a free kick in Israel 0-4 Portugal Sub21, 2007. Goalkeeper defends it.

02:02 45' Joao Pereira on the right side, makes a cross to the area, Vaz Te heads it to the back of the net.

02:26 Miguel Veloso free kick from the right side surprises the goalkeeper and it's a goal.

02:38 Nani shoots from outside the area and scores Portugal's 4th goal in the game.

02:56 65'Manuel Da Costa with a chance. Corner kick headed it over the bar.

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