17 March 2009

Video Manuel Da Costa post-game interview in Italian, after Sampdoria 3-0 Inter March 4, 2009, substitute in the 74th minute

After Sampdoria 3-0 Inter on March 4, 2009, Da Costa gave a post-gamne interview. This was a Coppa Italia game, not a Serie A game. It still was a shocking result. Who would have thought that Inter would lose by 3-0?

Fortunately, Da Costa about played in the second half. He replaced Hugo Campagnaro in the 74th minute.

He talked about the team attitude and how he feels in his new team for the time being [he's on loan from Fiorentina], Sampdoria.

He spoke Italian like a native. Can't wait to hear Quaresma in Italian too.

English translation:
01:18 "I have to be ready for these type of games. They are very iportant for the team and the club. Even if we win by 3-0, we have to be stronger than them to bring strength, convey strength through all the players.

I'm here on loan. I want to do everything for the team, the club, the coach and my teammates. I arrived late in the transfer market. The coach gave me his confidence. He explained the technique/ tactics he'll use. Everything's fine (tutt'aposto)."

I really hope he plays in the next 2 Sampdoria games.

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