27 March 2009

Video Cristiano Ronaldo press conference in Portuguese, March 27, 2009 About criticisms his performance is not the same with country as in club

I'm glad he was asked this question. There can't be an excuse. When was the last time he scored a decisive header, set up a goal, 2 goals in one game for Portugal? He was defensive in his answer. Perfectly fine with me. In this case, I side with the reporters who expect much more from him.

Video Cristiano Ronaldo answers his critics, Portugal press conference, March 27, 2009
(Cristiano Ronaldo responde a críticas)

English translation:
Cristiano Ronaldo: "The statistics don't say that. If everyone did what I've done Portugal would be world champion. If you [media] keep insisting in that point ----that I don't perform as well in the national team. I don't agree with that all.

00:21 What I do with the national team is very positive. In a certain way, I play different in club. I play with my teammates [club] always. In the national team it's not like that. If you think that my performance with Manchester and with the national team is different." Video ends.

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