28 March 2009

Video Bochum goalkeeper Daniel Fernandes, Quim, in Portugal training, September 3, 2008

The Portugal team prepared their game against Sweden in Obsidos. They also prepared for the 2 games against Denmark and Malta in Obidos.

Video in Portugal training, September 3, 2008

00:33 Bochum goalkeeper Daniel Fernandes wearing the green training kit. Antunes (Lecce) with the blue jersey in front of him. Screenshots:

00:48 The circle, Bruno Alves, Eduardo, Antunes and Daniel Fernandes

00:55 Maniche, Carlos Martins with the blue training kits.

01:00 goalkeeper Quim (green kit )in the net, Fernando Meira with the blue kit.

01:12 Antunes bouncing the ball, passing it to Bruno Alves, Eduardo and Daniel Fernandes in that circle.

01:19 Danny and Fernando Meira training in a pair

01:33 Yannick (Sporting) Deco, Simao in a walk

02:23 Danny interview in Portuguese here

04:05 Bosingwa interview: "It's an important game."

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