06 March 2009

Video Pepe will not play (for suspension) in the derby Real Madrid v. Atletico Madrid so will not face Simao Sabrosa

I mostly follow the Portugal team players in Sporting and Benfica. I'll begin to follow Simão in Atletico and Pepe in Real Madrid. This weekend Pepe won't play in the derby at the Bernabeu tomorrow for suspension.

Real Madrid v. Atletico Madrid
Saturday, March 7, 2009.

Atletico Madrid also has the important Champions League game against Porto at the Dragão. Abel is resting key players.

Both Simão and Pepe asked each other funny questions in Spanish to Television Espanola on March 6, 2009 about the derby tomorrow:

English translation:

00:30 Simão Sabrosa: "When I hear Casillas sing, what do you feel."
Pepe: "Who scares you the most? Barcelona or Madrid?"

00:40 Simão "Barcelona because right now they're ahead. However, Real Madrid is a great team and we need to prepare for the game very good so we could beat them."

00:48 Simão to Pepe: "You're not going to play against us because you're scared of us?"

Pepe: "No, no. I'm not scared of you. I would love to play this game. I don't know what happens to me everytime I play against Atletico."

01:00 Simão: "So, who's your favorite player at Atletico? I suppose it's me, right?
Pepe: laughs. "Yes, you are for me. Anyway, you have 10 years without winning it. I hope it stays that way because we're in a good moment. It needs to stay this way."

01:17 Simão: "It's time for us to win it. Too many years without winning it. We have a great team. We need to play like we did against Barcelona. We want to win."

Screenshots of Simão Sabrosa and Pepe in the video:

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