24 March 2009

Ricardo Carvalho on cover Chelsea magazine March 2009

I went to bookstore cafe yesterday and found Chelsea magazine March 2009. Ricardo Carvalho was on the cover.

Two interviews in the magazine caught my attention. I read them at the cafe. Decided to pay the $9.25 for it so Carvalho can sign it when Chelsea tours the USA this pre-season.

Carvalho's interview was about what he felt these 2 months not playing. Carvalho right now (March 26, 2009) is with the Portugal training camp in Obidos. In the interview, Juve-Chelsea hadn't happened, neither the Coventry-Chelsea game. There were 2 pictures of him with brown jacket and scarf.

It starts out saying that Ballack was teasing Carvalho's choice of shoes. The questions were about the time being ruled out. I thought it was interesting that he says that he didn't watch the Chelsea games where he was ruled out. He had only asked his teammates about it and little of the highlights.

It reminded me of Pippo Inzaghi. He's used to being ruled out for months at a time at AC Milan. He had said that at first, he'd watch his teammates train in the training ground. After a few days, he couldn't handle it anymore because he would get more depressed.

Will Ricardo Carvalho be in Portugal v. Sweden on March 28, 2009?

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