28 March 2009

Portugal 0-0 Sweden lineups March 28, 2009

Lineups:PORTUGAL: Eduardo; Bosingwa, Ricardo Carvalho, Bruno Alves e Duda; Pepe, Raul Meireles e Tiago; Danny, Cristiano Ronaldo e Simão Sabrosa.

Substitutes: Daniel Fernandes, Gonçalo Brandão, Rolando, João Moutinho, Deco, Nani e Hugo Almeida.

Coach: Carlos Queiroz.

Sweden: Isaksson; Nilsson, Mellberg, Majstorovic e Johansson; Ramus Elm, Kallstrom, Svensson e Holmen; Henrik Larsson e Elmander.

Substitutes: Gustafsson, Edman, Hansson, Sebastien Larsson, Viktor Elm, Berg e Wihelmsson.
Coach: Lars Lagerback.
I'm listening to the game on Antena1 and watching the livestream, since it's not on TV here. Figo, Pauleta and Fernando Couto were in the dressing room to give support to the team.

Goalkeeper Beto was left out of this game's call-up list. Bochum's goalkeeper Daniel Fernandes on the bench. I'm still surprised there is no forward. Queiroz even dared to leave out Edinho from this list too.

Portugal - Sweden
90' 3 minutes extra time 0-0
March 28, 2009, Hear on Antena1 radio, Watch post-game interviewshere em directo

45'+1 Bosingwa out, Rolando in
61' Tiago out, Deco in
65' Danny out, Hugo Almeida in

26th Ricardo Carvalho defends in the area, stays on the ground. Medical team enters the field, puts ice on his back. Leaves the pitch comes back 1 minutes later, 27'

29' free kick outside the aresa for Sweden. headed over the bar.

Portugal gets into the area but no one to convert the chance in a goal.
38' Tiago, right side, cross to the area but noone there.
39' Simao right side running, cross to the middle, CR7 was marked very well.

42' Argentina toque-toque, about 7 touches between Portugal players in the area but Simao missed the final shot on target.
Raul Meireles flicks with the heel to CR7, Tiago in the area passes it to Simao behind him, Simao with the left foot, shoots wide, to the right of the net.

43' Portugal almost scored but Simao shot wide

44' Bosingwa injured, can't stay on the pitch. Carlos Queiroz throws a coin or something to the ground. He was on e of the best, constant runs on the right side and accurate crosses.

47' Tiago ont he left side outside the area, turns and passes it to Danny, he shoots too weakly, goalkeepera catches it.

51' Sweden- Larsson offside but heads it anyway, Eduardo had to run back to the net to catch the ball.

53' SWEDEN ALMOST SCore. Eduardo defense, Sweden # 10 shoots and Carvalho 3 Portugal players were on the right side leaving #10 unmarked. Ellmander even gave a pat on the back to Eduardo for the great defense!

58' Raul Meireles shot from outside the area but over the bar.

Carvalho playing as a right-back!!! He does the throws on the right side. Bosingwa's injury, no other right back, Queiroz replaced Bosingwa with other center-back Rolando.

59 Deco taking off the training vest

60 Ricardo Carvalho making a run on the right side, cross to the area but hits the far post

61 Deco replaces Tiago. Fans cheer 'o magico' Danny missed too many opportunities, thought he'd be replaced not Tiago.

65' Finally Danny out, Hugo Almeida in.

67' Ricardo Carvalho shoots from outside the area, this time it goes to the stands.

72' Portugal almost scores. Deco shoots but Sweden gk Isaksson defends very well.
75' Deco shoots again but wide to the right of the net. Dceco created 2 chacnes already.

84' Portugal corner kick, CR7 heads it, Carvalho too right after but heads it over the bar, both are disappointed. no communication between them in that moment.

92' Corner kick taken by Mellberg (Juventus), headed by Carvalho. Carvalho was offside on the far post. mellberg kept arguing with the referee even after the free kick.

Saw Gonçalo Brandão walk in the pitch and give a pat on the back to Simao. I wished Portugal had won.

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