23 March 2009

Portugal Sub21 play in XIII Torneio Internacional da Madeira starts tomorrow, March 24, 2009

The Portugal Sub21 team (Selecção Nacional Sub-21) also has their training camp today! They play in tomorrow's Torneio Internacional da Madeira.

First game in the tournament- March 24, 2009 against Cape Verde, 17h30, Estádio da Madeira (Choupana).

Striker Orlando Sá from Sp. Braga spoke to the media after today's training session in Madeira:

"We have the best expectations of the team for this tournament. The group is united. We have the mentality to win this tournament."

About the new players this year:

"It's a new generation. It has nothing to do with the generations that didn't qualify for the Euro. We're in a new phase. These tournaments are good to prepare the future of the national team."

Four players who did limited training:

Sporting's Bruno Pereirinha
Sporting's Daniel Carriço
Fábio Coentrão
Yazalde (abdominal injury)

Objective according to coach Rui Caçador,

About the team: "It's well structured and has done a different journey. After the defeat of the first game in this journey, against Ukraine, the team foolowed up with 2 victories against Spain and Switzerland. We're going to do this tournament as an important preparation for the Torneio Internacional de Toulon."

XIII Torneio Internacional da Madeira- 24 - 27 March, Selecção Nacional Sub-21 (Portugal), Madeira, Cape Verde and Finland.

Go Portugal! I hope they win at least their first game. I want Bruno Pereirinha to do well.

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