07 March 2009

Photos Miguel Veloso hairstyle 2007-2009

I preferred Miguel Veloso's long blonde hair tied in a ponytail from 2007. I was surprised he cut it a week before the Euro 2008. Some photos of his transformation from long blonde hair to short dark brown hair with highlights.


16 November 2007- Miguel Veloso and Nani in a training session in Obidos on the eve of their Euro 2008 qualifier match against Armenia. FRANCISCO LEONG/AFP/Getty Images

May 2008- 13 day Viseu Portugal training camp for Euro 2008.


May 26, 2008- Miguel Veloso plays with the ball during the afternoon training session at Fontelo Stadium in Viseu. This is during the 13-day Viseu


May 2008 Miguel Veloso and Yannick, in the celebrations of Sporting CP's Taca de Portugal,


Summer 2009- Miguel Veloso listening to Coach Bento at a Sporting training.

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