20 March 2009

Helder Postiga called up for Saturday's final taca da liga- had missed the last 4 Sporting games

This Saturday the final of the Taca da liga between Sporting v. Benfica.

The news is that Helder Postiga is finally back on the call-up list. Can this striker be added to Carlos Queiroz' list? It cannot be that only Hugo Almeida makes the list for the next 2 games.

19-men call-up list for Sporting:

* Goalkeepers: Rui Patrício e Tiago.
* Defenders: Abel, Pedro Silva, Daniel Carriço, Anderson Polga, Caneira, Tonel e Ronny.
* Midfielders: Adrien, Rochemback, Pereirinha, João Moutinho, Romagnoli e Vuckevic.
* Forwards: Derlei, Yannick Djaló, Hélder Postiga e Liedson.

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