20 March 2009

Video goalkeeper Eduardo post-game reaction to Braga 0-1 PSG

March 20, 2009 Video- Braga players disappointed with the elimination of the UEFA Cup (Jogadores do Sporting de Braga desiludidos com desfecho da eliminatória)

00:00 goalkeeper Eduardo- No, Obviously I'm sad. Not just for me but also for my colleaguesand Sp. Braga.

00:20 Cesar Peixoto: "They controlled the ball wall. There are long balls that come too quickly and require one to decide in a fraction of a second. Eduardo has been good in all the games. Congratulations to him. He's joining the seleccao and will be the number one deservedly so.

00:43 Paulo Cesar: "We lost the game in the details. Unfortunately that happens in football. Now we are even more motivated to play better in the championship. We are now obligated to play our best."

Peixoto defended Eduardo- nice. Midfielder Peixoto was called up in the previous list. Only by one goal. I didn't think Braga would be eliminated yesterday.

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