08 March 2009

Goalkeeper Ricardo's Betis lost the lead of 3-0 and ended drawing: Mallorca 3-3 Betis, March 8, 2009

Goalkeeper Ricardo's Betis is going through bad times. One defeat, two draws. 2 points in the last 3 games.

First the humiliating defeat Real Madrid 6-1 Betis, Villareal 2-2 Betis then Mallorca 3-3 Betis.

On a page from page, from Betis fans at Alfinaldelapalmera (Sevilla), comments on goalkeeper Ricardo

-- Ricardo, luxuriouuuus (Ricardo de lujooooooo)
Ricardo was luxurious/deluxe (Ricardo de lujo) and Paco Chaparro had reflexes slower than the pink panther's (mas lento de reflejos que la pantera roza). It's better for you to bring 12 players so that way you save the club msot expenses.

-- What about Ricardo? (y ricardo k?)
He's the goalkeeper that has the least amount of reflexes in the whole world. Chaparro has to resign. Although it wouldn't be convenient at this time of the season. But come on, Ricardo back to the bench, (ricardo al banquillo) he throws himself toward the ball when it's already in the net. (Se tira a por la pelota quando ya esta dentro) Those are reflexes, yes sir. (Eso son reflejos, si senor.)

Translation of some comments left after this defeat Mallorca 4-3 Betis,:

I only found 2 comments that mentioned goalkeeper Ricardo by name.

1) .... By the way, thank goodness Ricardo was in goal today, that goalkeeper that for Chaparro for a long time wasn't a worthy goalkeeper. If it was up to him, he would have sold him. Ricardo's been saving his job for a few games now.

2) If you want to take away a little responsibility away from Chaparro, is the bad performance of Ricardo. He concedes two goals that were weak shots and were close to his body (one even between his legs). But then again, its' true that they shouldn't have been able to shoot on goal with so much ease, where was Nelson?

About the game:
--Someone's head has to fall. This isn't normal. Relax after winning 3-0. Do they think that the other teams do the same?

-- Now it's really time to sack Chaparro. Allright, he can be a humble person oand everything you want. But heck, he can't read the game. Lead by 3-0, draw, then make only one change, Keeping the cancer Arzu and Melli. Chaparro if they don't sack you then please have some dignity and resign.

-- No more Chaparrro. I think I made a mistake believing in you. You're not up to the standards, for a club like Betis. Thanks for everything you've given to Betis and go rest from the nothing you really gave us.

-- No comment

-- Every week we learn something new for our club Betis. The next lesson should be how to keep control of the game with a lead of 3-0. Disappointing with the squad we have. Chaparro could have made more changes not just one when the game was almost over. People, we need to fix this mess.

-- Until when do we have to support this wannabe coach that doesn't even know how to make decisions? When we get to the relegation zone it will be too late. Really embarassing, throwing away a game that's already won. Chaparro, after all the damage you've done. LEAVE NOW!

-- I always liked Chaparro. But now he can't get out of this mess. Chaparro, leave now (vete ya). You don't have any experience in the first division, leave now!

-- Chaparro has to leave. You can't give away points like that! How embarassing. I can't find an explanation.

-- Let's see, this is incredible!
-- Resign man! Only one change. Replacing Sergio Garcia?
-- Very disappointing attitude of the Betis players.

-- What you've done, doesn't even have a name. Now he criticizes the defense. You're pathetic Chaparro.
-- To cry.

-- Let me get this straight, 20 minutes left, leading 3-0 and no substitutions after an exhausting effort? Watching Jurado constantly running by Damia? From the beginning of the season I've been saying that Chaparro is not fit for Betis. Seems like he's playing against Betis. It's not enough to be a supporter of Betis.

-- How embarassing (que verguenza)
-- Chaparro you may be a supporter of Betis but at your age you never coached in the first division. Betis has a great squad and you can't get the best out of them.

-- Chaparro. Resignation. You can't even read the games. Leave now.
-- You're a terrible coach, do you even know what changes are? Do you know they exist that there are 25 players?

-- Chaparro out! What's this? Waste a 0-3 with a bad team that had even played on Wednesday? Why do you have a bench?

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