12 March 2009

Video Betis Goalkeeper Ricardo 3/11/09 press conference "I had the impression that they would have still tied the game even if we'd be winning by 0-6"

On March 11 2009, Betis Goalkeeper Ricardo was the player chosen for the Betis press conference. He referred to the last Betis result, the away draw Mallorca 3-3 Betis, and losing the 0-3 lead.

Video and English translation:
"In Mallorca I had the impression that they would have still tied the game even if we'd be winning by 0-6"
("En Mallorca tuve la sensación de que nos hubieran empatado incluso su fuéramos ganando 0-6")

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00:00 "Let me tell you, the sensation, well, it's not that good. I was left with the sensation, that it was even worst than losing. If they told you at the beginning of the game, allright, we'll tie the game, then sure, we'd have signed for it. It was against a direct rival. Now, winning 0-3 in minute 71, I think that almost loing a game, it's too hard."

00:57 About the 3-3 draw:
Goalkeeper Ricardo: "After winning by 0-3, the normal thing for us would have been to score the 4th goal or even the 5th goal, because they had begun to attack. The normal thing would have been to do 2 or 3 more counter-attacks and score one goal."

01:05 "However, we couldn't neglect the defense area a lot. We needed to go forward more. Like I say, when a team wins, it's not just he strikers that score goals. When the team defends, everyone has to do the same. We made lots of errors and each one has to take responsibility for them. I think we need to be more considerate of the teammates. When we need to catch up it's harder than defending a lead of 2-0 or 3-0.

02:00 "I had the impression that if we would be winning by 0-6-they woiuld have tied the game to 6-6. It's too hard. I think it was in 4 or 5 minutes where they tied the game.

02:32 "One can see character in the difficulties, because when everything is going fine it's easy to do anything. One needs a lot of internal and external strength. We're in a point of the season that there can be no more talk. There is no more time for talk, There's only time to do the right things. That is for each one to do his best, staff, players, everyone. It has to be a very strong block to withstand it when things go wrong. I am 100% sure that the fans will be supporting us. It's like that. People can get fed up. But there aren't many fans like these."

Not on video:
What happened the other day [draw] has to be for us something that should not happen again. One gets that by training."

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