05 February 2009

Video Ricardo Carvalho- after Portugal 4-0 Belgium March 2007- In Portuguese, English translation

Here's the video that made me want to learn Portuguese. After watching it about one hundred times I wanted to know what he was saying.

English translation- Video Ricardo Carvalho- interview to FPF.pt after the exciting Portugal 4-0 Belgium game in March 2007- In Portuguese Click Here

Question: Ricardo, after yesterday's resounding victory the next game against Serbia becomes more important now that we're on our way to the EURO 2008.

00:08 Ricardo Carvalho: "Yes, at home we had to win all our games. We did our job. We got a draw away and an away defeat too. Yes, now it's important that when we're going to play away that we play like a team, a strong team. We hope to qualify for the Euro 2008. We want a good result. A good result is essential for us because we already lost in Poland and drew in Finland. It would be a big step if we win in Serbia."

00:43 Question: Do you see Serbia as the strongest team in Group A?

00:47 Ricardo Carvalho: "I not very familiar with Serbia but I think there are always surprises. Serbia has good players. They have a good national team for sure. They're doing well in the group table. Sure, they stumbled in the last game but that doesn't mean that they're weaker. They're a strong team and serious contenders to be in the Euro 2008."

01:18 Question: After starting with not-too-positive results that you just mentioned, it looks like the national team is starting to perform at its best. In other words, this mini-process of renovation is giving positive results. How do you see this process, including young players like Costa, after the exits of the great references like Figo and Pauleta?

01:44 Ricardo Carvalho: "Yes, It's normal for the national teams to go through renovations. I think that in the first phase of the qualifying games we had just returned for the 2006 world cup. Some players weren't in their best shape. It wasn't just us but other national teams too had some difficulty. The ones who weren't in the 2006 world cup were fresher. Sure, we had a draw in Finland so it wasn't that bad. However, the defeat in Poland, that was bad. We didn't prepare well. We lost.

Get the Carvalho Chelsea jersey number 6 08/09So, we moved on. Now, I think we're going through a positive phase and we want to continue this way. We know how important it is for us, after what we did in the 2006 world cup, to be in the Euro 2008."

02:38 Question: "Once again, the fans at Alvalade stadium showed lots of patriotism and support in the game [Portugal 4-0 Belgium] what message would you leave to the Portuguese fans watching you here on FPF.pt?

02:48 Ricardo Carvalho: "It was very nice to have the support, to see the stadium filled to its capacity. It was great to see their support. Sure, before the game there was that 'controversy' ('polemica') that everyone knows about so their support meant a lot to us especially against Belgium.

I think that when we play at home, we cannot complain about lack of support. The fans were fantastic in this game."

The controversy Carvalho refers to is the statement that Belgium goalkeeper Stijn Stijnen said before the game. He said something along the lines that the team will commit fouls on Cristiano Ronaldo, so much that he won't survive past the first 4 minutes. That irritated many Portuguese fans. I think it was ridiculous to attack Cristiano Ronaldo like that. Belgium gk had to leave the game in the end knowing he conceded 4 goals. A spectacular goal by Helder Postiga was my highlight of the game.

I like that he admits Portugal was in the bad shape after the 2006 World Cup.

What did you think of Carvalho's statements?

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