17 February 2009

Video goalkeeper Ricardo press conference about defeat against Malaga, January 11, 2009

Video goalkeeper Ricardo press conference in Spanish about the defeat against Malaga, January 11, 2009

English translation:
Headline: He didn't want to talk about the referees
About the referees: 00:00 "It's better for me not talk about that. It could cost something, so I rather not talk about that."

Headline: Ineffectiveness of the players
About the Betis players: 00:12 "Sometimes when we're on the field, we feel ineffective. Those things happen and you can see it. It's not the first time it happens. The trio [referee team], how can I say so that it would be misinterpreted. We saw things that were not normal. Today, once again, Betis did not deserve the bad luck it got."

00:53 Headline: Teamwork over personal
About finally playing in goal this season: "Like my teammates, I always try to do my best. We all gave our all. Like I said, we deserved another result. As for me, the opportunity to play was the best thing that can happen to me. For a long time I was not playing. I always try to give my best"

01:38 Headline: Equal the numbers from the first half of the season
About the second half of the season: "We have a good enough team so that we don't suffer/struggle. We are in a situtation, I think the same as last year, because we can finish the first half of the season with 21 points."

01:55 Headline: Recognizes the support of the fans
"The fans are fantastic. They know how to appreciate the team's attitude. They can tell when we lose games that we don't deserve to lose. I think we don't deserve to be in this position. The only thing I ask is that we lose the games we have to lose. There are games that we almost lose even before kickoff, that's bad for us."

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