17 February 2009

Video goalkeeper Ricardo, press conference after draw with Getafe, Feb 1, 2009

This was an important draw because it was what one calls in tennis "matchpoint" for coach Chaparro. Betis 2-2 Getafe. Betis was winning 2-0 yet Getafe was able to come back. Click here for the post on this game. 'Ricardo saved Chaparro' was Marca's headline. Video goalkeeper Ricardo, press conference in Spanish.

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English translation:
About getting one point: "It was good. I was happy to stop it. However, I think that you can't summarize a game with a penalty. I think that during the game we started well. We had lots of confidence and even scored two goals. Then, what happened, happened [conceded 2 goals]. After that we knew we were going to struggle in the second half. Getafe plays very good. Thank goodness we didn't lose and that we got one point. Now we can't look backwards. We need to cheer up, and look ahead."

About playing with 10 men: 01:08 "Like I said, with 10 men and playing against a team that knows how to play ball, it's difficult. Even if the team is well-placed in the field, they can make you change the team's plan. It's too bad that the goals came with passes in the midfield. With 10 men we had to make sure we pressured the midfielders. If they had to attack us, they only had to go through the sides. Like I said, we need to thinka about the errors we committed and look ahead with confidence."

About the fans: 02:00 "The message I give to the fans, with the history of this team, I'm sure that the fans will never be disappointed. What I say to them is that on Saturday, we'll be there working to get 3 points"

About saving coach Chaparro's job: 02:31 "I don't know if he stopped counting on me. I was always available. I always worked to be fit. THese are decisions that the coaches take. We the players need to keep working so that when we get the opportunity we can keep helping the team. I am nobody to save anybody. Like my teammates, I walk into the field giving my best so Betis can win."

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