17 February 2009

Video interview in Spanish with Real Betis goalkeeper Ricardo

Seven minute interview in Spanish with Real Betis goalkeeper Ricardo.

English translation:
Interviewer: "Here we are with a goalkeeper, who's a world class player, the Portuguese Ricardo. Ricardo, now that you already had your debut in the Spanish league, you know the type of goalkeepers we have, in general what's your thought on the Spanish goalkeepers?"

Ricardo: "Hum, how can I say this, I like goalkeepers. I'm a goalkeeper so I always have to say good things about goalkeepers because our job is not easy. One has to work a lot. That's why like in Spain, Portugal, England and all the countries, there are good goalkeepers."

Interviewer: Ok, so what goalkeeper caught your attention?
00:54 Ricardo: "I won't refer to someone in particular, so it won't be talked about. In general, I like goalkeepers. I watch games, get to know their style. Each one has their own style of defending."

01:24 Interviewer: Ok, so which goalkeeper did you admire when you were a kid?
Ricardo: "When I was a kid, yes. I liked the German Schumacher, Zenga the Italian. In Portugal I liked Vebto, Damas. I liked watching goalkeepers but I liked watching the strikers more because I was playing as a striker. [laughs]"

01:43 Interviewer: There's Vitor Baia in your generation. Have you gotten together with him?
Ricardo: "Yes, in the 2002 world cup. When he retired I kept playing. Yes, we got together in the 2002 world cup."

02:02 Interviewer: As a goalkeeper what are the main things a goalkeeper needs to have?
Ricardo: "To be a goalkeeper, it's not easy. That's why it's said that to be a goalkeeper you need to be a little crazy. When kids are growing up they almost always want to be a striker. None of them wants to be in goal, only the chubby kid. A person has to be willing to work hard and suffer. The main thing is that he like to play as a goalkeeper."

02:55 Interviewer: Tell us about your goalkeeper coach at Betis? Any difference with your training in Portugal?
Ricardo: "Yes there are. I just started at Betis. This is my first experience outside of Portugal. I trained with the same intensity. The work style is different. You need to get used to this training style gradually. For instance, on days where there are games, I'm used to being with the team, in the concentration camp every day.

Interviewer: Are you training on more technical skills here at Betis?
Ricardo: "There's always the objective of improving, and gaining confidence to face the games. It's with this spirit that one trains. For instance, we're working on strength, what one calls explosive strength."

Primera Division Tickets04:59 Interviewer: "Now you use Nike, you used to wear a different brand of gloves"
Ricardo: "Like I said, started with one brand, then it changed name, it changed name again. It's a long story that if I start telling it, the time of the interview will run out."

Interviewer: "They had a strange cut, design?"
Ricardo: "Yes, it was a round design and nobody wanted it. The follwoing year those who played with those gloves like them."

05:40 Inteviewer: "Now you're with Nike, are you happy with them?"
Ricardo: "Yes always. I'm happy with them. I've been with them for 6 years. I say good things about them. They do what they can so we feel good with their gloves and soccer boots."

06:54 Interviewer: "Ricardo, let me tell you that we have a website and this interview wil be posted there. Do you have any message for the viewers?"

07:05 Ricardo: "Yes, hello to all the" Interviewer interrupts :"Foreros" (People in the web forum) Ricardo: "The what?" Interviewer: "Foreros" Ricardo: "Oh, hugs to everyone."

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