08 February 2009

Video Cristiano Ronaldo inviting fans to be at the stadium on Feb 11, 2009 for the friendly, in Portuguese

Among the many friendlies on February 11, 2009, there's Portugal v. Finland. Portugal doesn't have much to lose in this game. They're not playing against strong "big" team, but because they're playing at home, it's an important test. The Portugal team had the nerve to get 3 consecutive 0-0 draws at home. They better win at home in this game, even if it's just a friendly.

See Cristiano Ronaldo's 18-second message in Portuguese to fans: Click Here

English translation:
Hi, I hope that on the 11th, you can be with us at the stadium supporting us. It's a game that means a lot to us. We want to get a positive result. Come support the Portugal national team. Thank you very much.

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