03 October 2008

Betis goalkeeper Ricardo- Didn't play in the first 4 games. Called up for matchday 6 Betis v. Villareal, Oct. 4, 2008

Tomorrow Saturday, October 4, 2008, will be La Liga's matchday 6, in Spanish 'Jornada 6.' Villareal CF v. Betis. Ricardo has not played in goal for the last month, I doubt Betis coach Chaparro will put him in goal tomorrow.

The Betis call-up list for Villareal CF v. Betis: Ricardo, Casto, Ilic, Mark González, Capi, Juanma, Mehmet Aurelio, Melli, Arzu, Damiá, Monzón, Rivera, Nelson, José Mari, Juanito, Rivas, Pavone, Emaná and Fernando Vega.

About the Betis team on Matchday 6:
It's in the 18th place and -3 points.

Betis coach Francisco Chaparro said in Spanish "We're going with the intention of winning. We always do. Urgencies? There always will be. We need a victory because we need points we don't have."

Queiroz did not call up Ricardo for the next 2 Portugal games. It's becoming a habit of Queiroz to put new players in the team call-up list.

What do you think of Betis' position? Ricardo not playing the last 5 games?

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