13 July 2009

Ricardo Quaresma pictures July 13, 2009, Inter pre-season training in California, USA

I went to Inter's pre-season training to meet Ricardo Quaresma! July 13, 2009 first day of training in California. He was very nice and signed 2 pieces, an Inter poster of the team and the Portugal flag. As he got off the team bus in the morning with earphones, he took them off to sign my Portugal flag and take this picture.

I really hope Quaresma plays in the starting lineup again. Was a right-winger in the training session. Força PORTUGAL!!!!

Ricardo Quaresma, Monica. He just stepped down of the team bus with earphones, heading to the changing room.

Ricardo Quaresma, Monica. Quaresma signing my Portugal flag. Autograph was an R with a number 7. I'm wearing the Argentina jersey, because I'm also a fan of the Argentina team and wanted to see Cambiasso, Burdisso, and Milito. 'Javi' Zanetti was not at the training.

Ricardo Quaresma signing my poster of the Inter team.

Some photos I took of Ricardo Quaresma signing autographs for the fans waiting outside the dressing room:

This is after the training session. They changed into this Inter shirt to head back to the hotel for lunch. He has earphones, a bottle, huge watch on his right hand.

About the Inter pre-season training:

When did you go?
I came back from today's [July 14, 2009] training session right now. It ended at 11:45am and the players left the dressing room by 12:30pm. This time- today- most players didn't stop to sign like yesterday.

Were there a lot of people?
Yesterday there were about 50 people after the training session waiting outside the changing room. Today 300!! I think it's because there was an article about Inter training on "La Opinion" a big Spanish language newspaper here. Lots of latino fans, (I talked to some from Dominican Republic, Salvador, Colombia) and Italian fans! THe fans spoke to the players in French (Patrick Vieira was so friendly! When he came out the dressing room he told the fans 'hi, how are you today?), Italian (vogliamo la champions to JMourinho) Spanish to Cordoba, the Argentinians Burdisso, el 'cucho' Cambiasso, Milito.

Who did the fans scream for the most?
Needless to say, today as soon as Ibrahimovic stepped out of the dressing room to get on the bus, the whole crowd went to him to follow him toward the bus! 'Ibra Ibra' Everyone there can agree that he was the nicest player giving autographs to as many people as possible. Supertall guy!

Mourinho signed every piece showed to him, soccer ball and papers. He said 'I can't stop, non mi fermo' so with 1 marker signed everything!

Balotelli didn't stop or wave to the fans.

Materazzi!!! He waved to the fans, smiled at them, signed everything. He looks like a tough guys and many fans were surprised he was so nice to the fans!

Did I wait long?
That's a tough question. Yes. 2hours to get space near the plastic barriers outside the changing room. The players step out about 9am. Then I walk to the soccer field to see them training until 11:30. When they come back from the soccer field it's another 15 minutes for all of them to change and get on the team bus for lunch. Not to mention it's very hot. For a few seconds to see Quaresma, Vieira, David Suazo, it's worth it!!!!

Your thoughts?

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