25 August 2008

'We're going to analyze the game and improve' says Nuno Gomes after Benfica's draw Benfica 1-1 Rio Ave

Nuno Gomes this time scored for Benfica the equalizer. Benfica therefore has 1 point while the other big 2 won their games.

Nuno Gomes said

"We couldn't achieve the objective of leaving here with the 3 points, but we're going to continue working. It's complicated to talk in the heat of the moment [right after the game] and analyze the game but we're going to see our own mistakes with the fundamental objective- to improve."

At this point it's obvious new coach Quique will not use Nuno Gomes as a starting 11 forward. About him being a substitute:

"Just like Benfica, I also have to continue working and improving. Only eleven can play... I want to play but if the coach doesn't think I need to be in the starting lineup, I will be here to take advantage of the opportunities."

On to the next Benfica game in Portuguese league- against Champions FC PORTO!!

"This was just the first game and I hope it doesn't influence the end of the league. Regarding the game against FC Porto, we're going to work on it and I hope the fans will fill the stadium."

- Your thoughts on Nuno Gomes in this game?

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