16 August 2008

'The president knows what I think of my team' Jose Mourinho about Quaresma close to Inter, August 16, 2008 Video

Quaresma is not close to Inter for 2008. Jose Mourinho doesn't even say his name and instead says that the President [of Inter] knows his vision what he wants.

August 16, 2008- Jose Mourinho in Portuguese in the press-conference after the Eusebio Cup. About Quaresma close to Inter, English Translation:

"The president knows what I think of my team. He knows what I think of the club today, of my club tomorrow, of my club next year, of my club 2 years from now. He knows my vision of the present and future. He knows everything I think. It's my president who's supposed to know not you. I understand your questions, but what I say is for them not for you."

See the video: Quaresma será bem recebido em Itália

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