17 August 2008

Deco in Chelsea 4-0 Portsmouth, scores 4th goal, wins man of the match in Chelsea debut, August 17, 2008

I'm going to start posting in brief the game final results where the Portugal national team players are playing every week. This one's about Deco

Chelsea 4-0 Portsmouth.

Deco, scored the 4th goal, won the man of the match.
On Sky Sports news on Fox Soccer channel, they said he had a excellent match. In the Post-match interview, Lampard said that Deco, not easy to come from another country, did great today and gave the champagne bottle of Man of the match to Deco. See the video of the goal:

August 17, 2008- Video of Deco's 4th goal in Chelsea 4-0 Portsmouth. Narrated in Portuguese.

Your thoughts on Deco's debut at Chelsea?

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