15 August 2008

Argentina - Holland- Quarterfinals, 2008 Beijing Olympics your thoughts?

Argentina - Holland

Men's soccer quarterfinals 2008 Beijing Olympics

3am USA Pacific Time

I'm watching this game live on TV. It's on at the same time as Italy v. Belgium. The 2nd soccer game I'm following today. Earlier I heard online the Benfica 0-0 Inter. This game, people know Argentina will win. The great one is the semi-final Argentina v. Brasil assuming both team win their games today.

The superstars will be in the starting lineup again, Messi, El Kun Aguero. Angel Di Maria back to the bench. Sergio El Kun Aguero hasn't scored a goal YET. This is his chance. I'd like to see him score at least in this game and one goal by Angel Di Maria. I fear Argentina might concede a goal. The defense has looked weak. Monzon goes forward but can't get back quick enough.

Key player: Javier Mascherano to prevent Holland from playing its game.

I predict a 3-2 for Argentina. It's time for Argentina to score 3 goals in one game. Brazil's goalscoring is making the Argentina team look like the underdog.

--- Are you watching the Argentina v. Holland game today live? Your starting lineup and key players? Which soccer game are you watching today?

This will be my last post about Argentina on this blog. So this one focuses on the Portugal national team and players, I started a new one only about Argentina http://argentinasoccerteam.blogspot.com Leave your comment on the game there ;-)