23 August 2008

Pepe fit for the 2nd leg of Spain's Supercopa 2008 Real Madrid- Valencia

Are you watching Spain's Supercopa 2008 Real Madrid- Valencia this Sunday? So many games I want to see- Wigan- Chelsea, Supercoppa Italia Inter v. Roma, FC Porto.

Portuguese central defender Pepe is available to play in the 2nd leg of the Spain's Supercopa 2008 Real Madrid- Valencia. The final score of the first leg Valencia 3-2 Real Madrid. He always was fit but Pepe had gotten a few knocks in Portugal's friendly on Wednesday, August 15, 2008 Portugal 5-0 Faroe Islands.

“I'm doing very well, I fell in the soccer field when we were close to the end of the game, but it was a normal play," said Pepe, who had fallen before the referee blew the final whistle.

On Thursday morning, Pepe spent did a recovery session in the gym like the rest of his teammates who played a mid-week friendly

My favorite team in La Liga is Real Madrid so I want Real Madrid to win the Supercup. With the 3-2 of the 1st leg, the weak defense, Diarra not keeping possession of the ball it will be difficult.

I saw the first leg Valencia 3-2 Real Madrid. Real Madrid concede 3 goals? Miguel on the right-side, had enough space to make a few crosses to Villa. Diarra not able to clear the ball. The key man for Real Madrid was Van Nistelrooy. The first chance he had he scored while it was Valencia that had dominated the game with most shots on target.

- Your thoughts on Pepe at Real Madrid for 2008-2009?

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