18 March 2009

Video Joao Moutinho, Nuno Gomes, Bosingwa, goalkeeper Ricardo, Deco in Montbelo hotel for the 13-day Portugal training camp in Viseu before Euro 2008

May 19, 2008- Video Portugal national team in Viseu (Selecção está em Viseu)

18 players arrived to the Montbelo hotel for the Portugal training camp. Pepe and the 4 players from the Premiership had permission to arrive later. The players walked in casual clothes and gave autographs to the kids in the lobby.
00:16 Simao Sabrosa

00:18 Joao Moutinho in black shirt, with back to the camera.

00:34 Jose Bosingwa with green shirt signing an autograph, with back to the camera.

00:41 Nuno Gomes with a black jacket, signing an autograph for a kid.

01:16 Reporter: The 4 players from the premiership have permission to arrive on Friday. That is, after the final of the Champions League. Today, the first player to the arrived was goalkeeper Ricardo. He arrived 10 minutes to 5pm, even before Scolari!

Scolari arrived at 20 minutes to 6 with Murtosa and went directly to the hotel garage.
02:01 Goalkeeper Ricardo with a red baseball cap.
"I hope to this time do very well. I think we're all here for that."

Reporter: Ricardo, you're the first to arrive, ready to start working?
02:14 Goalkeeper Ricardo: "I've already been working for a long time. I will continue to do so." (Ja estou a trabalhar ha' muito tempo e vou continuar)

Reporter: You're one of the first players to arrive,
Goalkeeper Ricardo: "Hum, it's only a coincidence, that's all."

Reporter: In what shape are you in?
Goalkeeper Ricardo: "Shape? Well, look, like you guys can see, not perfect."

02:35 Deco: "The truth is that I'll do everything I can to train hard. Unfortunately with the injuries this year, I didn't play a lot. So, I have to prepare myself better."

reporter: So Deco, how are you physically right now, all good?
Deco: "Like I just said, the fact that I havent' played a lot.

02:50 reporter: Is it an advantage for the Portugal national team to have Deco...?
Deco: Without a doubt. On one side, I would have hoped to not have these imjuries because it prevented me from playing consistently at my club.

03:24- reporter: "So Deco, Ricardo arrived before the time limit 7 pm. Then the rest arrived. Miguel and Miguel Veloso arrived together in Miguel's car. They also went directly to the garage.
04:04 Joao Moutinho stopped to speak to the journalists:
"I think we have a good group. We're going to try to strengthen it even more."

Reporter: Behind you there's a car full of supporters of the Portugal team. Do you think they have a right to ask you to win the title?
Joao Moutinho: "Not demand the title but demand that we play our best in every game and that's what we'll do."
04:38 Nuno Gomes: "With the coming of new players, done gradually-- I think that in this moment the majority are completely adapted. Therefore, there's no problem about that.

04:50 Reporter: What do you expect of the Portugal team in the Euro 2008?
Nuno Gomes: "The objectives are big, obviously because we have a big team. First of all, we'll focus on our first objective: to go through the group stage."

reporter: Do you think you'll be in the starting lineup?
Nuno Gomes: "I hope so. I will work for that. That depends on the manager's decision. The coach is sovereign and we need to accept his decisions."


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