25 August 2008

Goleada! Real Madrid 5-3 Sporting Video of goals Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu. Helder Postiga in starting lineup

I can't wait for this game. Sporting playing against Real Madrid for the 30th edition of the Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu. Wow!! Pepe on one side, Joao Moutinho, Miguel Veloso, Helder Postiga on the other side. This Wednesday before the start of the Spanish La Liga season, they can get another trophy. I'm going for Sporting CP! FORÇA SPORTING !!!

5 - 3

---------------15' Gonzalo HIGUAÍN------------30' Izmailov

---------------23' Robben---------------------73' Yannick

---------------38' Raul pen.------------------90'Miguel Veloso

---------------43' Van Der Vaart

-------Changes: 45' Codina
---------------45' Cannavaro--------------------Tiago
---------------45' Javi García-------------------Abel
---------------45' Drenthe-----------------------Tonel
---------------45' Miguel Torres---------------Joao Moutinho
---------------45' De la Red--------------------Yannick
---------------45' Van Nistelrooy---------------60' Pereirinha out, ROMAGNOLI in
---------------63' Higuain out, Diarra in

August 27, 2008, 1:00 PM USA Pacific time
Hear live in Portuguese: Antena1 radio - Real Madrid/Sporting - Jogo particular, Relato de Nuno Matos

Hear it live in Spanish on RadioMarca

August 27, 2008- Video of Izmailov's goal (Sporting) in Real Madrid 5-3 Sporting Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu.

August 27, 2008- Video of Gonzalo 'pipita' Higuain's goal (Real Madrid), 1st goal of the game in Real Madrid 5-3 Sporting Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu. TVE (TVEspana, narrated in Spanish)

All goals narrated in Arabic.

I'm hearing it on Antena1, Portuguese radio. I'm falling apart. Sporting conceding 2 goals in the first 18 minutes. Now 3 goals! Higuain scores his second goal of the game. El "Pipita" already scored in the Supercopa2008 Real Madrid 4-2 Valencia. He's on a goalscoring streak. What change can Bento do now? The game is over. I hope Sporting scores one more goal. How humiliating for Sporting. One of the top 3 clubs, having started the league last weekend. Real Madrid hasn't started the season.

The surprising thing for Sporting fans was the starting lineup. What was coach Paolo Bento thinking? He replaced 7 of the starting 11 players with the substitutes. DID NOT EVEN INCLUDE CAPTAIN Joao Moutinho!!! Until the second half, he put back Yannick, Moutinho and Romagnoli. What a difference!

Antena1 comments:

Sporting completely distracted.2 goals in the first 18 minutes. Bento needs to make changes now. Sporting needs to gve a better image abroad. The first shot on target by Sporting until the 20th minute. 23rd minute, Pererinha shot on target, saved by Dudek. Great goal by Izmailov. The 2 best players in the team Izmailov and Pererinha. Real Madrid in a great atmosphere. The crowd singing "Real, Real." 32' Van Nistelrooy is warming up. Sporting came here with half the team that' susually not int he starting lineup. The team really needs Moutinho and Romagnoli. We hope the second half is much better than this one.

2nd half- Yannick - Postiga will be the duo up front. To be clear. Moutinho back, with 45 mintues late, Bento did what he had to do in the first place. He can't play with 7 ssubstitutes especially in Real MAdrid' party. If there's one who doesn't deserve this defeat- Izmailov. Also Moutinho had a great game. Bento clearly made a mistake in his starting lineup. This is definitely a bad image for the runner-up of the Portuguese league and Portuguese soccer. Sporting camn be proud of how the Real Madrid website praised them yesterday. What a disappointment of Helder Postiga tonight. Yes, he needs to give much more to be in the starting lineup. One thing is for sure. Sporting can face Real Madrid again in this Champions League. Porto is seed.

Sporting could have left here humiliated. Real Madrid other goal opportunities. Sporting played well but Real Madrid completely took advantage of Sporting's weak defense. Sporting could have shown more. Izmailov the best player. Yannick was probably the best when he came in. As for Real Madrid, a great game. They're lucky Sporting didn't come in with their usual starting lineup. The result could have been another one. Paolo Bento didn't realize where he was. He was at Santiago Bernabeu playing against Real Madrid.

Real Madrid starting lineup: Dudek, Sergio Ramos, Metzelder, Pepe, Marcelo, Gago, Guti, Van der Vaart, Higuaín, Raúl y Robben.

Substitutes: Codina, Cannavaro, Diarra, Drenthe, Heinze, Van Nistelrooy, De la Red, Torres e Javi Garcia.

Big Surprise no Iker Casillas. Schuster will rest him for this weekend's first game of the 2008-2009 season. In goal there's Dudek. Robinho not in the call-up list.

Sporting starting lineup: Rui Patrício; Pedro Silva, Polga, Caneira e Ronny; Miguel Veloso; Izmailov, Rochemback e Pereirinha; Postiga e Tiuí.

Substitutes: Tiago, Carriço, Adrien Silva, Vukcevic, Tonel, Yannick, João Moutinho, Romagnoli e Abel.

Yellow cards: 63' Tonel

Sporting coach Paolo Bento announced the call-up list on August 26, 2008. No Liedson (Forward) and Argentinean Grimi.

Goalkeepers: Rui Patrício, Tiago
Daniel Carriço
Pedro Silva
Marco Caneira

Miguel Veloso
Bruno Pereirinha
João Moutinho

Yannick Djaló,
Rodrigo Tiuí
Hélder Postiga

Sporting starting lineup: THE BIG SURPRISE. Helder Postiga finally in the starting lineup next to Yannick Djalo. Derlei was not in the call-up list because still recovering.

After the first week of the Portuguese League, Sporting CP are already in first place!

Still difficult to say which players will be key. The Portugues league just started last week.
Sporting Key Player: Forward Yannick Djaló. He's been scoring since the pre-season. He's known as the "hero" of the Portuguese Supercup 2008, because his goal helped them win the Supercup against FC Porto. Bento has preferred the attacking duo of Derlei and Djalo. Postiga is on the bench but without Derlei in the list, it's Postiga's time to play more minutes. I hope Postiga scores.

- Your views on this friendly game? Who do you want to win, Sporting or Real Madrid? Your lineup, key player, final score?

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