15 August 2008

Eusebio Cup Benfica 0-0 Inter (4-5 penalties) Inter wins Eusebio Cup. Video of Eusebio Cup highlights, penalty shootout. Nuno Gomes in at 68'

Benfica 0 -0 (4-5 penalties) Inter

Inter won the Eusebio Cup after penalty shootouts

August 15, 2008 , Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal,
19:45 local time, 11:45 am USA PAcific time

Video: Highlights of Benfica 0-0 Inter Eusebio Cup in Italian. Penalty Shootout: 02:21

Benfica ---------------------------------- Inter

Pablo Aimar scores --------------1------------ 1 Maxwell (scores)
Bastos (misses, wide off-target) 0 ------------ 1 Balotelli (scores)
Jose Antonio Reyes (scores) ----1 -------------1 Stankovic (scores)
Nuno Gomes (scores) -----------1 --------------0 Ibrahimovic (MISSES
David Luiz (scores) ------------ 1 --------------1 Burdisso
Nelson (misses) ----------------- 0 -------------1 Cambiasso

Benfica v. Inter: BENFICA lineup


Maxi Pereira-- Katsouranis-- Luisão -- Léo

Yebda -- Ruben Amorim -- Carlos Martins -- Urreta

Aimar -- Cardozo

Substitutes: Moreira, Moretto, Edcarlos, Reyes, Mantorras, Balboa, Fellipe Bastos, Binya, Makukula, Nuno Gomes, Nelson, David Luiz, Jorge Ribeiro, Sidnei e Miguel Vítor
Coach: Quique Flores

Benfica v. Inter- INTER lineup:

Júlio César,

Maicon, Burdisso, Cambiasso e Maxwell

Stankovic, Muntari, Zanetti, Figo e Mancini


Substitutes: Toldo, Luis Jimenez, Crespo, David Suazo, Pelé, Francesco Bolzoni, Davide Santon, Balotelli e Orlandoni
Coach: José Mourinho

Changes Benfica---------------------------------------------Inter

45' Urreta in, REYES out, ----------------62' JIMENEZ in, Muntari out.
45' Ruben Amorim in, BALBOA out ------ 75' BALOTELLI in, Figo out.
68' Carlos Martins out, David Luiz in------80' Pele in, Mancini out
68' Maxi Pereira out, NELSON in
68' Cardozo out, NUNO GOMES in
85' BINYA in, Katsouranis out.
81' FELLIPE BASTOS in, Yebda out.

19:51 - Eusébio gives the symbolic first kick in the field.

I'm hearing it online on the Portuguese radio. The link is above. I thought
Oscar Cardozo was going to score. He was just replaced wtih Nuno Gomes. Figo is being replaced. The whole stadium, standing ovation for him. Other young portuguese Balotelli replacing him. Pele also a substitute.

Jose Nunes: (commenter on radio)

says that Benfica has disappeared when Cardozo was replaced. Inter is taking advantage and is going forward. Benfica midfielder Aimar has the ball very little and Benfica is paying it for it. Yellow card for Leo. 87th minute- The stadium is booing the referee for giving the throw to Inter instead of Benfica. Now yellow card for Pele. Penalties. Benfica didn't look bad against Inter. Due to its pre-season preparation. Inter started the pre-season well now it beat Benfica in penalties. One conclusion, keeping Mourinho's tradition concedes very few goals. Squad of Itner practically same. 4-3-3 with Mourinho. 4-5-1 when it is offensive.

On the other hand the individualities are complicated. in this game, Ibra was fantastic. Figo continues to be an extraordinary player. Inter will have more comeptition in the Serie A. Roma keeps improving.

Game was over almost 10 minutes. Inter playesr already in the middle circle. Fans leaving the stadium.

Figo to the Antena1 radio post-match: This phase of your career? A thought I always have. I think that in soccer I analyze what I did in the last games. Find Mourinho again, what man did you find at Inter? I found the same man, more years like me. I think in this moment, Inter has to win.

Best players of Benfica- Leo, quim, Luisao

Mourinho on SIC (portuguese media) in Portuguese minutes after the match. English translation:

I think it was good game, good for them, good for us. Benfica defended well. For us it wans't easy. Team was well organized. Pressured well, fouls committed with intelligence. We could have won. If we didn't hit the bar. 2 or 3 great occasions. For me the most important how the game went. Ajax, Benfica, Sevilla. Didn't lose any of them and did not concede any goals. I believe things go well.

Like your experience in Italy? Yes happy. Was happy. Team more comfortable keeping possession of ball. 10 to 15 meters, Adriano was working well with ibra. Adriano got injured lately. What do you think of the Portuguese league with this Benfica? I have no idea. Last year it was easer for Porto. Quaresma, possiblity of going to Inter? I don't know. My president knows what I want.

Here is the Play by Play

6' - Long-range shot by Benfica's but to the side of Júlio César.

7' - Shot by Stankovic from outside the box. Goes to the right side of Benfica gk Quim.

9' - Urreta and Aimar combine well, but Aimar's cross is defended by Inter. Action ends.

11' - INTER ALMOST- Figo passes it to Ibrahimovic on the right flank. O sueco entra no enfiamento da área e cruza atrasado para o português, que recepciona e remata em excelente posição para uma grande defesa de Quim.

12' - Ibrahimovic long-range shot, wide

Game is open in the midfield and both teams have space to attack.

15' - BENFICA ALMOST- Cardozo close to scoring. Hits the bar and Júlio César was beaten anyway.

23' - Yellow card to Inter's Stankovic.

23' - Free kick for Benfica due to the foul commited on Carlos Martins.

24' - Carlos Martins shoots but Inter's defends and gives a corner kick.

28' - Free kick for Inter.

29' - Ibrahimovic shoots, over the bar

32' - Benfica attacks with speed on the right flank and gets a corner kick

32' - Bruno Paixão (referee) marks a foul commited on Benfica defender after the corner of Carlos Martins.

35' - Mancini on the right, gets the corner kick, beyonf the sideline on the opposite side.

36' - Ibrahimovic e Figo combine again this time Figo's shot not accurate .

40' - Aimar passes it to Benfica forward Cardozo and shoots, hits the bar

42' - BENFICA ALMOST- Ruben Amorim face to face with Júlio César on the right side of the area, tries to shoot but Júlio César guesses right and gives a corner kick.

2nd half

Benfica changes: Urreta in, Ruben Amorim in, REYES out, BALBOA out

47' - INTER ALMOST- Zlatan Ibrahimovic shoots wide.

47' - Luís Figo free kick that Quim saves.

55' - Free kick for Benfica. Jose Antonio Reyes takes it but Júlio César saves it

59' - Corner kick for Inter.

62' - Inter Change: JIMENEZ in, Muntari out.

64' - INTER ALMOST- Figo another great chance. Jimenez passes it to Figo in the box, shoots but Quim saves.

68' - Benfica changes: Carlos Martins out, Maxi Pereira out, Cardozo out, DAVID LUIZ in, NELSON in, NUNO GOMES in

71' - Katsouranis on the ground but gets up.

72' - INTER ALMOST- Luisão doesn't defend against Ibrahimovic and leaves him isolated. Quim saves it.

74' - Free kick for Inter.

75' - Inter change: BALOTELLI in, Figo out. Standing ovation from fans for Figo, Figo applauds back.

76' - Mancini free kick hits the barrier.

80' - Inter change: Português PELÉ in, Mancini out

84' - Jimenez shoots wide .

85' - Benfica change: BINYA in, Katsouranis out.

86' - Yellow card for Benfica's Léo for protest.

87' - Yellow card for Inter's Pelé.

88' - Corner kick for Benfica. Nuno Gomes shoots, but referee Bruno Paixão had already whistled for a foul.

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