24 October 2010

Video Nuno Gomes states after June 2011 he will no longer play for Benfica October 18 2010

October 18 2010- Que tristeza- how sad when I read the video title. Portugal forward Nuno Gomes stated that in June 2011 his contract with Benfica ends and will not renew. I hope he comes to the Serie A and not the MLS like the retiring players are lately. 

Nuno Gomes "I will finish playing soccer for Benfica at the end of this season."

Question: "And after"

Nuno Gomes "And after, what will happen, will happen"

Question "Another club?

Nuno Gomes "In this moment, I don't know what I will be doing June [2011]. All I can say is that my contract ends in June [2011] and from there I will no longer play for Benfica."

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