14 April 2009

Official websites of Portuguese players, Luis Figo foundation, Deco Istituto 20

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I wanted to know about Paulo Ferreira's recovery, gk Ricardo explain why he got sent-off in the 90th minute.... Can't wait for them to maintain an official website.

Nuno Gomes has a messageboard on his website. During the Euro 2008 I spent a few hours reading the mesages from fans in different languages. I think he reads a fraction of them and pretend it included mine. I had left a message for his birthday last year.

So far found official website of these Portugeuse players, do you know of any?

Luis Figo's foundation official website:

In Portuguese fundacaoluisfigo.pt

English version not available yet. The foundation sponsors a soccer game with 'friends of Figo' in Portugal. Paulo Ferreira has played as a left-back a few times in that game.

Deco's Istituto20 official website www.deco20.org.br

In Portuguese
In English
In Spanish

Deco talks about it in the March 2009 Chelsea magazine. He established an institute for children to learn NOT JUST ABOUT FOOTBALL but theater and encourage them to learn about different things.

See the video of Deco visiting the institute in this post: Video Deco visits Indaiatuba, Brazil his 'Istituto Deco 20' July 8, 2008

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