30 March 2009

Video Ricardo Carvalho, Deco, Maniche and Portugal players in the Euro 2004 team hotel, dressing room, training from "Geracao Scolari"

Video "Geracao Scolari" part 1 show. Inside the Portugal team training and hotel during the EURO 2004!! I liked watching the players training and just walking around the hotel. I looked for Paulo Ferreira and Ricardo Carvalho. Carvalho still had long hair. Saw more screentime on Rui Jorge, Figo, Maniche, and Rui Costa. I included some screenshots.

Screenshots of the video:

00:24 It looks like the winning FC Porto team walked in (Ferreira, Maniche, Deco, Carvalho) and the rest of the team was waiting for them in the room to hug them and congratulate them for the Champions League!

Ferreira was in front of them, here's Maniche, Deco and Ricardo Carvalho.

Screenshot. 00:41 Ricardo Carvalho hugging Scolari. Rui Costa shaking the hands of the players walking in the room.

00:47 Paulo Ferreira walking, Figo giving him a hug, Nuno Gomes watching.

FPF President Gilberto Madail, Ferreira watching.

01:16 Players walking down the hallway. Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo with the green Portugal training shirts with TMN logo in the back.

01:22 At the training ground
Portugal goalkeeper making a defense, throwing himself to the right side.
01:24 Miguel doing abdominal crunches.
01:28 Pauleta jogging
quick shots of the players in the public training session. Simao, and others.

01:44 Figo on the ground doing abdominal exercises. Rui Jorge passing by teasing him "what are you doing here?" Figo: "A little physical work. You guys should do physical work. It's not just warm-up."

Rui Costa: "May it be the last time they take me out of my room to do some little physical work here."

02:09 Players in a swimming pool and jacuzzi.
Screenshot: In the pool Rui Costa waving to the camera with both arms in the air.

Screenshot: Rui Jorge, Deco, and 2 players getting a massage on the table.

Screenshot. 02:24 Players with the blue Portugal polo shirt at the team lunch. PLayers sitting at various tables. Cristiano Ronaldo. Figo showing the meat on his plate.

Paulo Ferreira sitting next to Deco.

02:46 Players in suits walking onto the team bus

Screenshot: Rui Jorge blowing a kiss to the camera *LOL* Pauleta on the cell phone. Players putting on a blue tie.

03:01 Players on horse carriages.
Rui Costa, Figo and Nuno Gomes.

03:10 Scolari speaking to the fans. The fans with flags:

"I would like for the country, from the highest point to the lowest point, from north and south, hangs the Portugal flag. For them to show everyone that we're united.

(Gostaria que o pais -de alto a baixo, de norte a sul, colocasse a bandeira de Portugal

03:33 Scolari saying to the players in the dressing room: "In 7 days we'll start a journey that we wanted for a year and a half. As for me, it was a year and a half ago. For you, 5, 4, 6, 10. I want effort from you guys. I want friendship, discipline. In the soccer pitch I want you to respect the referees."

Figo is shaking the hands of each player standing next to each other. Helder Postiga, goalkeeper Quim, Tiago. The players with a white top. #6 is Costinha.

04:04 Players walking out of the dressing room.

04:40 The dressing room.
Cristiano Ronaldo walking by with headphones. Players on a massage table. Rui JOrge getting massage on his lower-leg muscles.

04:50 Massage room.
Players on the tables.

05:04 at the training ground.
Cristiano Ronaldo playing around. He;s holding a traffic one speaking to Figo and simao who are sitting on the golf cart.

Scolari saying: "Today I want recreation."

(Hoje eu quero recreacao. Hoje nao quero bola dividida. Nem correr feito um bicho.

05:50 Barroso shaking hands with Scolari.

06:20 The day before the first game in the Euro 2004.
A sports page headline: "tomorrow is the day." It's on the table of the "mess hall." Figo walks in.

06:33 The players in suits leaving the team hotel.
They're wearing suits and a blue tie. Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Carvalho behind him.

06:36 Players in the team bus with suits.
Goalkeeper Quim and Tiago next to each other sharing an earphone.

06:53 Players about to go on the plane heading to Porto, June 11, 2004.

06:57 Paulo Ferreira in the plane, with a white shirt reading the newspaper.

06:58 Nuno Gomes.

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