30 March 2009

Screenshots of Paulo Ferreira in "Geracao Scolari" part 1 Video- inside Portugal camp in Euro 2004

Paulo Ferreira appears about 5 times in this "Geracao Scolari" video. It's in the dressing room and team hotel during the EURO 2004. In the 6 minute video most of the screentime went to Figo.

Screenshots of the parts he's in:

FC Porto players just crowned Champions League 2004 winners walk in to be congratualted by the rest of the team.

Paulo Ferreira walking, Figo giving him a hug, Nuno Gomes watching.

FPF President Gilberto Madail, Ferreira watching.

Players with the blue Portugal polo shirt at the team lunch.
Paulo Ferreira sitting next to Deco.

Players in plane heading to Porto on June 11, 2004.
Paulo Ferreira in the plane, with a white shirt reading the newspaper.

See the video. One doesn't hear him speak.

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