04 March 2009

Video Nuno Gomes press conference pre-game Benfica v. Espanol UEFA Cup, April 11 2007

April 11, 2007- Video Nuno Gomes press conference a day before Benfica v. Espanol UEFA Cup

It starts with Benfica coach Fernando Santos talking about Espanol. Fast forward to minute 2 to hear Nuno Gomes talk about Benfica's chances.

English translation:

02:11 Nuno Gomes:
"We have nothing else on our mind but to win tomorrow's game. Benfica hasn't been in a semi-final of a European competition in many years, therefore, it would be good for us the players to arrive to the semi-final. We're going to walk onto the pitch with that intention.

Of course, we didn't think we would have a draw in Aveiro. Today, with so many games, we can't look back. We have to look ahead and take advantage of our possibilities. We need to focus on achieving our objectives, win the league and the UEFA Cup."

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