28 March 2009

Video Portugal Sub21, Miguel Veloso, Pereirinha, Manuel Fernandes, leaving for London, 3-9-08

Selecção sub-21, in September 3, 2008 was leaving for London ahead of a qualification match for the Euro2009 Sub21. They didn't qualify! Yesterday as a consolation prize, they did win the XIII Torneio Internacional da Madeira.

Video Portugal Sub21 leaving for London, 3-9-08. Last year, before their England Sub21 - Portugal Sub21 qualification match for the Euro 2009

00:19 Portugal Sub21 getting off the team bus. Bruno Gama, Goncalo Brandao,

01:00 Rui Cacador saying that Portugal has to qualify

01:28 Manuel Fernandes, Miguel Veloso with the team at the airport

01:36 Pereirinha on a cellphone, sitting in the lounge

Screenshots of the video:
Manuel Fernandes, Miguel Veloso


Manuel Fernandes, Miguel Veloso

Bruno Gama on the right

So glad to see the Portugal Sub21 on video.

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