18 March 2009

Video Paulo Ferreira interview about Cristiano Ronaldo winning Ballon d'or "É um prémio justíssimo", Dec 2, 2008

Video- Paulo Ferreira "Foi muito bem entregue. É um prémio justíssimo" Dec 2, 2008
English translation:

News anchor: "Despite being an opponent of Cristiano Ronaldo in England, Paulo Ferreira says he's proud that he's receiving the Ballon D'or."

Paulo Ferreira: "I'm very proud, watching Cristiano receive this award. I think--- no, I'm sure--- that it was given to the right person. It was very justified also because of the season he had. It was a fantastic season where he won the Championship, Champions league, was the top scorer in Europe. That's very good for him. Logically, this award is justified.

00:40 "Logically, as a player of Chelsea [smiles, laughs], it's logical that I don't want him to repeat that great season he did last year. It would be difficult. Logically, as a Portuguese, as a colleague of Cristiano, as his friend--and not only, for the Portuguese people too, we feel very proud to see a Portuguese receive it."

Screenshots of Paulo Ferreira:

Great to watch him in an interview! This is one of my favorites now because he's on close-up, so relaxed, and smiles. In the team press-conferences, he's shot from a distance, serious, and focused.

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