18 March 2009

Video Nuno Gomes praises to Joao Moutinho, press conference March 17, 2009

Nuno Gomes spoke about a minute about how great Moutinho is as a footballer. This was at the pre-game press conference for the Taca da liga final this Saturday.

English translation:

"Joao has a had a fantastic journey. He's one of the aces of Sporting. Since he starting playing with Sporting he never left. He was given the opportunity to leave, rightly so with his talent, did, 300 games with the Sporting jersey.

Therefore, a star at Sporting that has proved himself and with a future. He is a player fo the Portugal national team. He wven has foreign clubs after him [laughs]. We don't have a Joao Moutinho in every team [in the Portuguese league]."

Monica 08: Nuno Gomes looked sincere and genuine. I always like it when a player praises another.

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