09 March 2009

Video Miguel Veloso interview March 9, 2009, at Lisbon airport

There were some of Miguel Veloso's statements on today's Record. However, after watching the whole interview on RTP news online, I was surprised how much of his answers were not reported.

Veloso had implied that Record didn't report his absence from Sporting's training and 'muscle pain' reason professionally. At first, I didn't like that criticized Record. Here in the USA, it's the most complete online news source for the Portuguese league. Since I don't have RTP International channel or the print sports papers, I read Record every day.

On the other hand, I take the side of Miguel Veloso. Record did make him look like a spoiled child who didn't want to play for Sporting for some reason.

March 9, 2009, Veloso at the Lisbon airport on his way to Munich for the Champions League game Bayern Munich v. Sporting. Here's the complete interview, see the context of his answers:
English translation:

Journalist: "Paulo Bento had said that Miguel Veloso needed help."

Veloso: "Help? If they only left me alone, because I think they kept wanting more of Miguel Veloso.
(Ajuda? Só se me deixarem em paz, porque acho que andam a perseguir um bocadinho o Miguel Veloso.)

Journalist: "Who didn't notice that it was about Miguel Veloso?
Veloso: "Who? For example the campaign done by the newspaper Record. They didn't stop talking about Miguel Veloso. If Miguel Veloso was not available why did they continue talking about him?"

(Por exemplo, há uma campanha da parte de um jornal - Record - que não pára de falar do Miguel Veloso.)

Journalist: "It was about Miguel Veloso and the game against Benfica. That episode in the game against FC Porto..."

00:29 Veloso: "I was sad. Like I said, sad about this campaign against Miguel. I'm also sad because nobody defended Miguel. That leaves me very sad but life goes on."

00:40 Journalist: "When you say that you thought that someone had to defend you, were you specifically referring to someone in Sporting?"

Veloso: "No, put Sporting aside. Like I said, there was a campaign against Miguel Veloso. I think that is not fair. They can't accuse me of being a bad professional. What I like to do most is to play football. That thing about simulating injuries, it's not fair at all. They can't accuse me of being a bad professional."

(Há uma campanha contra o Miguel e fico triste por ninguém o vir defender. O Sporting, como é óbvio, porque existe uma grande campanha contra o Miguel Veloso e acho que isso não é justo. O que eu mais gosto de fazer é jogar futebol, e isso de simular lesões não é nada justo. De mau profissional não me podem acusar ")

Journalist interrupts: "Are you disappointed you're playing for Sporting?"

Veloso: "No, I'm happy enough here because Sporting has given me everything. I will continue to work and give my best for Sporting."
(Estou bastante contente, até porque foi o Sporting que me deu tudo. Vou continuar a trabalhar e a dar o meu melhor pelo Sporting.)

Not in the video:
Journalist: "Do you think this call-up for tomorrow's Sporting game is a type of forgiveness?"

Veloso: "Forgiveness, why? I didn't kill anyone."
(Perdão? porquê? Acho que não matei ninguém).

Screenshots of video:

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