09 March 2009

Miguel Veloso statements at the Lisboa airport today, Monday, March 9, 2009

Miguel Veloso was at the Lisboa airport today, Monday, March 9, 2009. He was with the Sporting team leaving for Munich.
Check out this funny answer:

Journalist: "Do you think your call-up is a type of forgiveness?" [Bento had dropped him from the last game because he was going through personal issues]

Miguel Veloso: "Why? I didn't kill anyone." (Porquê? Não matei ninguém)

He also said that "Nobody can accuse me of not being professional." (Não me podem acusar de ser mau profissional)

About staying in Sporting: "I'm happy enough here. Sporting has given me everything. I am going to continue working and giving my best." (Estou bastante contente. O Sporting deu-me tudo. Vou continuar a trabalhar e a dar o meu melhor).
I want Miguel Veloso to leave Sporting and take the big leap in his career. Nani has done it.

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