18 March 2009

Video highlights of Portugal 0-0 Albania, Oct 15, 2008

Here are some highlights of the Portugal 0-0 Albania qualification game, October 15, 2008. How much can there be in a goalless draw right?

Not one player of the Portugal national team went to the "flash-interview," the usual post-game interview with the media.

News anchor: Portugal tied against Albania in Braga. Albania was playing with 10 men in the end. With this draw, Portugal falls to 4th place of Group 1, 2010 world cup qualification.

01:07 Analysis by Ribeiro Cristovao:
"Portugal did a poor, sad, game. Things are now harder. Denmark has 5 points and can do 8 points later. Hungary has 4 points. Once more, every player tried to win the game on his own. Queiroz has to tell the players that a football game is played by 11 players. Our stars (vedetas) Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani who came in the second half tried to solve the game on their own.

03:38 We had a great game against Denmark. We already played bad against Sweden."
How come the players like Cristiano Ronaldo are another in their clubs?
"Well, Ronaldo was injured for a long time."

Some players recognized:
00:16: defense by Miguel, Albania player running on the right side, made a cross, Miguel blocked it

01:54 Albania player committing a foul on Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 was running on the right side. The linesman raises the flag, referee shows the yellow card to the Albania player. CR7 stays on the ground with a hand over his mouth.

02:00 45' On the left side, cross by Paulo Ferreira right outside the area. Unclear to which player it was. He was right in front of the Albania gk yet incredibly shot to the left of the net, and the gk grabbed the ball.

02:21 52' Portugal player on the right side, cross into the area, Portugal player heads it wide

02:34 88' Cristiano Ronaldo running from the right to the middle, shooting just wide, to the right of the net.

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