14 February 2009

Video Portugal goalkeeper Ricardo talking about his penalty saves in the England game in the 2006 world cup- July 3, 2006

Video goalkeeper Ricardo- July 3, 2006- During the 2006 world cup heading to Munich- This was after they eliminated England. Naturally the report focuses on goalkeeper Ricardo and his penalty saves.

00:38 goalkeeper Ricardo in Portuguese: "I saw the English team. They saw the goal area shrink. When they had to kick from the penalty spot, I tried to extend their agony."

00:55 Footage of Portugal team training. Paolo Ferreira and others.

01:30 goalkeeper Ricardo in Portuguese about throwing himself to a side for penalty saves:
"It was one of the few things that I did the same as in the Euro2004. I would look at the players well. I also started to look around me to see the expression of a Portuguese fan in the stands. He was in the middle of thousands of English red and white colors. I would look at him to see if he was smiling or crying."

England is eliminated and now the opponent is France.
02:11 goalkeeper Ricardo in Portuguese:
"It won't be easy because like I said, they're a great team. They have great players tht form a great team. That's why it is gong to be a good game."

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