17 February 2009

Video Paulo Ferreira (Chelsea) interview about Scolari, June 11, 2008

The interviewer sounded like a supporter of the Portugal team the way he asked the questions!

In this video, Paulo Ferreira (Chelsea) still had the black eye from the Euro 2008 game where he bled.

Couldn't see the embeddable code so here's the link to Video June 11, 2008- 'Paolo Ferreira endorses Scolari for Chelsea' from BBC Sport.

Context: Scolari was still the Portugal team manager on June 11, 2008. Rumors were that Scolari might go to Chelsea after the end of the Euro 2008.


Interviewer: "Is there a sense in the Portuguese dressing room, that all these years of trying to win this competition, that this is your year?"

00:06 Paulo Ferreira: "We don't know. Obviously this is a hard competition. There is a lot of good teams. They can win this competition as well. Strong teams. We will try. We will do everything that we can. Let's see what happens."

00:27 Interviewer: "You've [Portugal team] got some fantastic football. Deco, Cristiano Ronaldo, Simao. With that sort of talent, you're one of the favorites!"

00:38 Paulo Ferreira: "We know that we have wonderful players. But of course we have to play as a team. For them, it can be decided in any minute. We know that, but we need to play as a team. When we play as a team it's so much easier."

01:01 Interviewer: "You have some of the best players in the world. You arguably have the best manager in the world. I mean after this competition, could it be possible that Scolari can find himself at Chelsea?"

01:18 Paulo Ferreira: "Why not? Right now we're here focused in this big tournament. Then, we have to wait, let's see. I think Scolari is a good manager. We do'nt have a manager now. He can do, if because we don't know, if he moves to Chelsea he can do a good job there."

01:38 Interviewer: "So he gets your endorsement?"
01:18 Paulo Ferreira: "Yes. He may be good for the club as well. I'm not the one to decide so let's see what they will choose."

Screenshots of Paulo Ferreira's expressions in the video:

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