18 February 2009

Video Paolo Ferreira about winning Euro 2008 game Portugal 2-0 Turkey, June 7, 2008, with screenshots

In Portugal's first game of the Euro 2008, they beat Turkey by 2-0! Here's Paolo Ferreira saying in English right after the game about having trouble to score.

Only the first 30 seconds show Paolo Ferreira, then there's Turkey's Kazim Kazim and Nuno Gomes.

June 7, 2008- Video 'Ferreira happy with Portugal's perseverance' from BBC Sport

"Were you surprised how hard Turkey made you work, particularly for 45 minutes?"

Paolo Ferreira: "No they re a good team. They play tactically very well. We ha a few chances to score. Unfortunately for us we didn't score. We just carried on and then we finally got the goal in the second half. After that the things became more easy."


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