10 February 2009

Video Nuno Gomes soccer boot signing, interview in Portuguese January 28, 2009

Lucky fans who stood in line to see Nuno Gomes at this soccer boot-signing. The main point of this event was the Adidas soccer boot, it was funny to see the reporter ask what they thought about it, and they answered, 'No, I'm here to meet Nuno Gomes, long-time fan'.

Video- Nuno Gomes Sessao de autografo January 28, 2009, interview in Portuguese

English translation:
00:15 Reporter: "So what's different about this soccer boot?
Nuno Gomes: "It's very comfortable."

00:34 Reporter: "My question is why are YOU here to present this soccer boot?"

The young man Fernando Alvim, who put it together says that he was a fan of Nuno Gomes since his days at Boavista. Nuno Gomes and him start joking around.
01:18 Nuno Gomes: "I heard you played at the Dragao." Young man: "Well, that's a period of my life that, far away, I forget."

01:27 Nuno Gomes: "Now I'm going to say something personal. Well, I'm sure his friends know."
Young man: "I also know how to do this." [He uses his fingers to put his hair behind his ears, so Nuno Gomes in the pictures. That was the funniest part. Nuno Gomes just smiles when he sees him do that.]

Screenshots of the video:

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