16 February 2009

Video goalkeeper Ricardo presentation at Betis and interview in Portuguese, July 2007

Ricardo Betis Séville
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Telejornal RTP (Portugal)
English translation:
00:00 Footage of Ricardo being presented with a fluorescent yellow, Betis goalkeeper jersey.

Narrator: "At 31, Ricardo is going to play abroad for the first time. Last week, Ricardo completed the medical tests in Sevilla. Today he's presented as a new player of Betis for the next 4 seasons."

00:20 Goalkeeper Ricardo: "It was a dream of mine and a challenge to come to Betis. I'm coming to play in the Spanish league, one of the best in the world, or probably THE best. I come here to do my job and hope it will help my colleagues."

00:39 Narrator: "The colors of the Betis team are identical to the ones of Sporting CP. However, it is difficult to compare both teams in terms of size."

00:46 Goalkeeper Ricardo: "We can't compare a Portuguese team to a Spanish team. The history that Betis has in Spain. If Betis was in Portugal I wouldn't know what position it would be in the table."

01:11 Narrator: "However, the people who said that Ricardo's transfer to Betis is a step backward in his career, Ricardo doesn't give them an answer/explanation."

01:15 Goalkeeper Ricardo: "Everyone is free to think what they want. What can I say? I'm not going to answer that."

Narrator: "One of the objectives of Betis is to be in a UEFA competition." Footage of Ricardo signing an autograph on a Sporting CP jersey.

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